Playhouse TheaterTiburon, CA, United States

The Donut Dollies

By Tiburon International Film Festival (other events)

Saturday, April 18 2020 4:00 PM 5:30 PM

During the Vietnam War, a small group of American women volunteered for a Red Cross program that sent them into a war zone with almost no training or preparation. Armed with nothing but cookies, Kool-Aid and home-made entertainment programs, their mission was to be the girl next door, the sister and the shoulder to cry on for hundreds of thousands of American troops. They were "The Donut Dollies" - idealistic young women with no idea what they were getting into, whose lives would never be the same. Amazingly, over 50 years since the first Donut Dollies arrived in Vietnam, many people have still never heard of them. We want to change that.

Attending: Norm Anderson [Director], Jim Gardner [Co-producer]

Tiburon International Film Festival