Playhouse TheaterTiburon, CA, United States

Saz - The Key of Trust

By Tiburon International Film Festival (other events)

Sunday, April 19 2020 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

It’s the journey of brilliant musician Petra Nachtmanova travels to both the end of the world and the center of her heart. Saz on her back, the Berlin musician heads off in search of the origins of a string instrument tangled in myths, which found its way to her in the streets of Kreuzberg.

Saz is a film about the power of music and the scope of the world, simultaneously a road movie and a quest for meaning, a breathtaking trip in the border regions between Europe and Asia, which shows that despite conflict and crisis, there is a human everyday life out there, as well as something special that holds us together.

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