Playhouse TheaterTiburon, CA, United States

Don Juan is Balding

By Tiburon International Film Festival (other events)

Thursday, April 23 2020 4:00 PM 5:45 PM

We’ve got to learn to crave for things we already have. This is a story about love, infidelity, forgiving. Zoltán lives like an aging Don Juan in a marriage with his 8-year-younger wife. Husband and wife are about to get divorced because of faded love and Zoltán’s affairs. Zoltan has always been proud of his knowledge about women – while he doesn’t really know the woman he’s still married to.

The couple goes away for a vacation in Zoltán’s hometown, wherein a few day’s time their lives turn upside down: the weekend turns out to be an unpredictable, unrealistic journey and Zoltan has to face a shocking thing.

Tiburon International Film Festival